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Eliminate all packaging waste

THE BOX is a reusable, robust and foldable packaging that eliminates all packaging waste.


Protect every delivery

All our products are equipped with preventive technology. They interact with their environment and alert you before problems occur.

Simplify the management of your deliveries

With a single interface you can track and be alerted for all your deliveries

Our solutions for you

Thanks to our technology

At your service

A screen capable of reproducing all the labels and which does not consume any energy. E ink technology

An intelligent box

Integrated sensors allow you to know at any time where and in what state your package is.

A 2 in 1 product

THE BOX is available in two sizes (32 liters and 2 liters). It can be folded and unfolded in 5 seconds with an integrated wedging system.

A secured BOX

You receive an alert in case of intrusion, shock or anomaly on your phone and by e-mail.

A robust BOX

THE BOX can make up to 1,000 deliveries. A real revolution in the world of packaging!

We offer you a simple experience

How does it work?


Contact us

Contact us and we put a BOX at your disposal for free.



Receive your THE BOX with an onboarding process to use your services.



Use THE BOX for your shipments and returns. Put your products in it, load a label and give it to your carrier. Your recipient is informed of the shipment of the package by email and can unlock it upon receipt.


Total control

Keep control of your deliveries at all times. We will be there to assist you 7/7.

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Protect your deliveries and boost your ethics!

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Take part in our profit-sharing offer.

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