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You become the proud owner of a smart, safe and reusable packaging, a revolutionary product.

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Your THE BOX is used for deliveries, you can find out where it is located via your LivingPackets account.

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Using your LivingPackets account, you will be able to track the revenue generated by your BOX(es).

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Our goal is to share our success with you. Without limits, you can participate in a new sharing economy.


Make the choice to support a greener, more sustainable economy. Our products are eco-designed and reusable. A responsible choice with purpose to save our planet.


Deciding to buy our products means receiving rental income, and pushing companies to choose a more sustainable solution for your deliveries. A two-fold good result.


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With your purchase, you enable the transformation of the logistics industry to switch to reusable packaging solutions.

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43% de réduction

  • 8 ans de loyer across from

  • 30% des revenus partagés

  • 800€ de rémunération minimum

  • Compte LivingPackets


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  • Usage personnel

  • Compte LivingPackets

  • 8 ans de loyer across from

  • 30% des revenus partagés

  • 800€ de rémunération minimum


Plus d’informations

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399 €

43% discount

  • THE BOX used by our partners

  • LivingPackets account

  • 8 years of rent

  • 30% of revenue shared

  • 800 € minimum payout

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699 €

  • Personal use only

  • LivingPackets account

  • 8 years of rent

  • 30% of revenue shared

  • 800 € minimum payout

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What our customers have to say

LivingPackets maîtrise donc parfaitement les codes de la croissance en transformant ses investisseurs en ambassadeurs, en partageant ses profits et en adressant un sujet environnemental fort.

Augustin Muller

Sharing Angel since March 2019

Je voulais simplement partager avec vous un projet (bien avancé tout de même) Français, innovant et responsable ! OUI OUI, tout ça en même temps ! 🍒 sur 🍰, tu peux avoir ta propre BOX et générer des revenus !!!!

James Beaufreton

Sharing Angel since April 2019

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Our points of sale


82 rue d'Aboukir,75002 PARIS FRANCE

Monday to Friday: 9:30am - 18:30pm



Comtesse du Barry - 11 Pl. du Pilori,44000 NANTES FRANCE

Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00am - 7:00pm



So pressing - Bd de l'Europe,44120 VERTOU FRANCE

Tuesday to Saturday: 9:00am - 8:00pm


In the near future: this offer and THE BOX will soon be available in European banking centres.

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Secured account

Safety is one of the most important aspects of our products. Therefore, we wanted to offer you the same level of security. That's why we secure your payment in a separate account, where it will remain until your BOX is manufactured.

Transparent use

Transparency is a core value at LivingPackets. We will keep you informed about the progress of your THE BOX. You will also have the opportunity to give us your opinion on THE BOX to contribute to its development.

They love us

Our awards

The technology with the most potential to change the world

We have won the title of the company with the most potential to change the world in 2020. A unique award given by independent and recognized journalists - besides which we were rewarded with 2 separate CES awards in 2020 and 2021.

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Your frequently asked questions

How do you plan to generate revenue?

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We offer a variety of services that make sending and receiving our smart, protective and high reusable packaging convenient and stress free. Our profits are derived from these services, which we call Packaging-as-a-Service. Because we use a unit of THE BOX for hundreds of times, we can generate significantly more revenue with it than a single-use cardboard box.

How will circulation work with THE BOX?

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We want THE BOX to circulate and be reused hundreds of times before it needs reconditioning. We have designed a lot of ways to enable circulation. If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is the business model of LivingPackets?

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We call it Packaging-as-a-Service. We want to stop the use of waste packaging, so we invented the packaging of the future, where we do not charge for the packaging but for using our packaging services.

Where are you Headquartered?

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We currently have an office and a LivingPackets Shop in Paris and a R&D near Nantes, France. We are working on new subsidiaries in countries around the world.

Where can I see THE BOX in person?

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We opened our first LP Shop in Paris (82 rue d'Aboukir, 75002 Paris). In this showroom, you will discover THE BOX, our flagship product. You will be able to test it and talk with our team to learn more about LivingPackets, our products and our offers.